Double Espresso, by Carol Tarlen

in the relatively anonymous

we come in the


contradiction between

Capital and Labour


I am dominant

when I lie


beneath your belly you thrust

raw material is pain is


subordinate public policy

experience interpreted


my hands are

encoded subcultures


my hands play

with social formations


leave the back door open

when you leave


2 Responses to “Double Espresso, by Carol Tarlen”

  1. caroltarlenlives Says:

    by Jeff Goldthorpe

    Carol and I were in a writers’ circle in the mid-eighties, and I remember that she shared this poem with me. It was later published in a small, elegant publication called BROADSIDE–THE THIRD WEEK.

    I had been reading a book by Dick Hebdige called SUBCULTURE (an early contribution to post-modern theorizing), and lent it to her. I thought of this poem as a reply to theory, a brilliant, humorous, playful engagement with academic theory, admitting that it hits on some truths, but refusing to take it seriously in the end.

  2. Mike Daly Says:

    please include in Friday’s program the reading of Marilyn Buck’s poetry

    Marilyn won’t be able to make this year’s Laborfest but we hope to have her in person next year.

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