Ah, Yes, Carol Lives by Nellie Wong

Ah, yes, Carol lives
She smiles from her abode
knowing that the picket line thrives
that UPTE’s striking on May 6
against UC Berkeley
for an unfair labor practice
while the president scoops up
almost a million bucks a year
and UC runs with corporate legs
and typists and researchers
and techs and laundry workers
dig deeper except their pockets
are full of holes
Ah, Carol, we know that you’re
with the workers, holding up
your picket sign, chanting
“The people united
will never be defeated!”
The angels’ liberation front
is the place to be seen
and heard and meanwhile
we’ll grab a burrito and, yes,
a Margarita at Puerto Allegro,
we’ll carry on with paradise
on earth on May Day
and feast on our victories
won each minute, each hour,
each day knowing that our labor
counts, that you’ll sing, a voice
that flows a river of flowers
amid the tools in our hands



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