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Carol Tarlen Lives!
Celebrating A San Francisco Rebel Worker Poet
Date/ Time: Friday, July 10, 7:00pm
Location: Modern Times Books, 888 Valencia Street, San Francisco
Sponsored by San Francisco Labor Fest

Family and friends of  Carol Tarlen will swap stories, read poems, present a slide show, and sing to honor her work and spirit. Poets, writers, filmmakers, and performers will include:
Derek Dabkoski,     Marcus Duskin,     Jeff Goldthorpe.  David Joseph,   Sarah Menefee,     Louise Nayer,     Kristy Rodgers,    Leslie Simon,             Julie Stein,   Alicia Tarlen,   Nellie Wong.


One Response to “Event, time, place, sponsor, program”

  1. caroltarlenlives Says:

    As we agree on activities, texts, readers, performers, and their initial order, we will post them on this site. Of course, nothing is final until the event itself, but this will give visitors a way to check on how the event is developing.

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